Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why TIE ourselves ???

This morning, over breakfast, i was thinking of just how we humans tend to judge people by how they dress and present themselves regardless of the situation. You might naturally judge someone who appears to be smart and well dressed to be a decent, well mannered and educated person while looking down on those who choose to be simple and down to earth though decently attired.

Now what does "smart and well dressed" mean?
Wearing a tie has become so artificially enforced that psychologically we have come to associate it with that of being a gentleman.Official attire u say??? Well i choose to differ.....but then do we judge people and what defines gentlemanly attire or professional attire?

Times have changed from colonial to post colonial and now even post modern times.Why are we still governed by such old thinking?As for me i try my best to "not wear the tie and fold my sleeves instead of buttoning them up" . Does that make me less of a gentleman or not well dressed? If the situation demands a tie and long buttoned sleeves then alright....but have you noticed people roaming around in coat suits or say long sleeves(buttoned) and tie(in the sun)?
Im speaking from a man's point of view....I'm sure women will have lots more to say :)

One thing is for sure....we r judged from the way we dress.
How about do you judge people???
Hope to hear some views from you guys :)

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