Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lost Continent - Fact or Fiction???

Map of Lemuria from "Babaja and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition"

The Theory!

With reference to the map above there are some interesting accounts of this "Then Kumari Kandam(Kumari Continent)available in old Tamil literature. But the information is not complete. The only information we know now is that there was a vast land mass that was submerged inside the Indian Ocean. It had a river also called "Pahruli Aaru". This land mass was there to the south of present day's Kanya-kumari. There is also a theory in Geographical sciences that there was a very big continent stretching from africa to east-indies. There are evidences to bolster their claims. Infact they even claim that India and Sri lanka were once a united landmass. The submergence of the continent should have been a slow and gradual process. The outcome being scattered
island-groups from Africa to Australia. Madagaskar, Lakshadweep,Andamans, and Indonesian islands may all be fragments of this massive continents.

Ancient Tamil litarature also indicates the reconstruction of
Madurai city(modern day) at least 3 times spanning the the 3 sangams
(Tamil Academies).This period is known as the Sangam age.
The Madurai city mentioned in the literatures of Sangam age was
located on the shores of bay-of-bengal. It submerged into the sea
and the Pandya king redesigned the city at a place called
Kapatapuram. This again was submerged after some time and so the
King built third Madurai beyond the reaches of the sea.

The recent Tsunami which hit south asia helps reaffirm the theory of
the sumberged or lost continent.Perhaps Tsunamis had accured before,
on a larger scale and wiped out the earlier Tamil civilisation.

Lemuria (Mu)

"Mu is another name for Lemuria. The Lemurians were apparently a
short, stocky, dark-skinned Matriachal race. There is good evidence
for the land of Lemuria - much better than evidence for Atlantis.
It is placed in the Pacific Ocean, covering from India, across
Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands to Hawaii in the north
and Easter Island in the east. There are coral reefs in deep water
off the coast of some of the Pacific Islands, suggesting that at one
time the land was higher (or that the sea level was much lower).

Govindam's "Babaja and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition" shows a
map of India in 30,000 BC, joining India to Australia (it also shows
Mt Meru as one of the mountain peaks - other sources put Mt Meru at
the north pole, or as another name for the Great Pyramid in Egypt!)."

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