Sunday, September 21, 2008

‘Wash Away Those Cataracts’

Can you imagine a world where you can just use eye drops to cure cataracts? I mean literally going down to a pharmacy shop, getting the drops, applying it that very day and it’s gone the next day. It’s as simple as that! Well, that world may be upon us earlier rather than later, with the advancement in medical technology.

Cataracts result from an age-related accumulation of protein and lipids on the eye lenses. Currently, the only form of treatment is to surgically remove the lenses. However, this is an invasive and risky procedure which can lead to the patient becoming blind.

However, there is a new solution. The eye drops called C-KAD, are entering the final stages of clinical testing. If all goes well, they will enter the market in a few years. These eye drops could help to slash the millions of cataracts surgeries performed every year.

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