Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nuclear Malaysia???

Malaysia is planning to use Nuclear Energy by the year 2023!

This is due to the high cost of natural gas and fossil fuels therefore the government seeks to explore other alternatives and Nuclear energy appears to top the list.

Eighty five percent of electricity generated in the nation is produced by fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal.
Currently, there is no nuclear power generation plant in Malaysia and neither is there a plan to embark on a nuclear power programme in the foreseeable future. The only nuclear reactor in the country is a 1 megawatt-thermal research reactor owned and operated by Nuclear Malaysia.

Why not explore the potential of wind (power) turbines, solar power and biofuel which will be cleaner and less hazardous???

My favourite is wind power or solar energy......


vinod said...

This is yet another 'brilliant' idea of our government. Nuclear energy is indeed the most efficient form of energy, need very little of uranium to produce energy for very long time. The concern is however, the huge amount of taxpayers money which is going to be spent on building and maintaining nuclear reactors. Not to mention the high cost when dealing with radioactive waste. I wonder the need to push for nuclear energy, when in fact Malaysia is blessed with abundant sunshine, for free. Perhaps the gomen can invest more in solar power research, reduce tax on solar panels, incentives for installing solar panels, etc etc. There seems to be a lack of foresight and thoughtfullness among the powers to be.

Satish said...

malaysia n nuclear...i smell trouble

Satish said...

malaysia n nuclear...i smell trouble

Puravin said...

I can't agree more....well said friends :)