Friday, September 19, 2008

Who is Cecil Rajendra???

The Malaysian who earned a nomination for the
Nobel Literature prize in 2005!

LAW and literature. Cecil Rajendra dabbles in both, the former he does full-time and poetry whole-heartedly. Using these talents to full measure, he tackles society's ills such as environmental destruction, poverty, oppression, corruption, racism and injustice with persistence and dedication. The poetic output continues with his latest collection Trail n Terror, and he was nominated for this year's Nobel Prize for Literature. To date, he has published 17 books of poems. His works have been published and broadcast in many countries and translated into several languages, including Japanese, Urdu, Tamil, Chinese, German, Tagalog, Danish and Spanish. Besides being president of the National Human Rights Society Of Malaysia, he is also the founding father of free legal aid in the country. BISSME S. finds out what makes this activist tick in Sun2surf's Conversations :

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Shareen said...

can a malaysian win the nobel prize? not at the rate we're at.. not at this stage. after 2020 perhaps?

then again, i wont be surprise if you or your sis get the literature prize.. start working on something to publish :)