Saturday, September 27, 2008

Digital archive on Malaysia's political history!

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Introducing the first ever digital archive of significant documents and events of Malaysia which includes,press releases,speeches,party documents,reports,conferences and so on.

This new digital archive on Malaysia's political history is called - Digitalibrary

Digital Archive on Malaysia: A project of, with assistance of Asia Foundation and Friedrich Naumann Foundation

The digital archive aims to build an online collection of historical documents, books, photos, publications and personal memoirs that is open to the public in order to build a better understanding of Malaysia's recent political history, contributing towards a healthy and informed discussion of Malaysia's political future.

Members of the public are invited to download and use the materials hosted here. Please note that materials have been released under the Creative Commons Malaysia public use license that allows reproduction of material for personal usage and non commercial purposes only. Those wishing to republish the materials MUST request permission from copyright holders.

Readers are also invited to send historical material to Malaysiakini for hosting in this archive. (Please read the release form before sending such material.) Overtime, Malaysiakini hopes to expand this collection to include any material relevent to Malaysia's history.

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