Monday, October 13, 2008

Russia launches the sixth space tourist for $30m !

British-born space tourist, Richard Garriott, blasts off in $30m odyssey

A Russian carrier rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carring a British born American “space tourist" as a private passenger aboard a Soyuz capsule.He is said to have paid the Russian space agency $30 million for the privilege and undergone a year’s training.

Richard Garriott and his father, Owen

The multi-millionaire computer-game developer is the son of of a Nasa astronaut,Owen Garriott who flew aboard one of Nasa’s last Apollo missions to Skylab, America’s first orbiting laboratory.

And we will be sending our very own space tourist again, for the SECOND time, very soon!
I bet he is training somewhere in Russia now
Or maybe not...

In case others have more money than us to "book" a seat.

Thanks to Russia!


Punk said...

Well as u know people like this and even Mark Shuttleworth pay the tour by themselves for themselves...unlike freeloaders from our country who use our money to go up there.

townguy said...

ya true punk , i agree with you .