Friday, October 3, 2008

F1 Singapore Update

Formula 1's first ever night GP received near-universal praise after last weekend's action packed events. Night racing was a total step into the unknown for Formula 1, but F1 fans could not have asked for a more exciting race, filled with crashes, upsets and a surprise winner.

There were a lot of driver complaints about the bumpiness of the track. But in this case their complaints were totally ignored as the bumpiness made the track more challenging and viewing the race a pleasure. Only part of the track was newly created and for the most part it was a genuine street surface, unlike the new Valencia track.

The flood lights brought the cars to life, creating a vibrant viewing experience. Singapore could not have asked for a better advertisement of itself when the surrounding city landscape and the Singapore Flyer were beamed to over 500 million global audience.

However there are still some improvements that can be made. Early road closures were a huge turn off for shoppers, affecting malls like Suntec City and Marina Square. There is also a need to address the position of the pit exit and entrance.

Latest news from the other side of the channel are saying that the Malaysian Grand Prix organisers have ruled out turning their event into a night race, but plan a late afternoon start to make the Sepang race more convenient for European television audiences.

For more details about what happened during the race itself please visit this site -,19528,12433_4207366,00.html

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