Sunday, October 12, 2008

Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan's Great contribution to Malacca???

People just Khan believe it!


The star online

MALACCA: The conferment of Datukship on Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan has stirred up a controversy. Politicians, professionals and the man on the street are hotly questioning the wisdom of the move.

Some commented that the actor did not deserve the award as “he hardly knows where Malacca is” and asked whether he had promoted Malacca in his songs and movies.

Businesswoman Fatimah Tahir, a huge fan of the star, said she was stunned to hear that he had received a Datukship.

“I thought the award is given to those who have contributed towards Malacca’s development.

“I wonder whether Shah Rukh Khan even knows where Malacca is,” said the 40-year-old from Taman Melaka Raya.

The local artistes who received the Darjah Seri Melaka (DSM) award, which does not carry any title, were singer Goh Eng Boon, popularly known as Andre Goh, comedian Jantan Osman also known as Ali Mamak and 60s singer Mariam Ahmad.

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said he was not against deserving people being awarded the Datukship but priority should be given to local artistes.

He noted that if Shah Rukh Khan deserved the award, then so should Hollywood stars Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones who shot the movie Entrapment against the backdrop of the Twin Towers in 1999.


Did anybody mention the Tamil Movie industry???

After all, scores of Indian Tamil movies, more than Hindi films are being shot here annually.

At this rate Melacca might have to bestow Datukships for most of the Tamil artists from India besides those from the Hindi movie industry and Hollywood.

Think about it


vasantarao appalasamy said...

There are a lot of leaders capable to be awarded Datukship.. What the hell is going on in Malaysia??
The leaders struggling for Nation, you detain them under ISA, the one destroyed the Malays through the Bollywood industry so far you give him Datukship.. Bravo Malaysia!!

Satish said...

This is so idiotic...i am a SRK fan..but to give him a datukship just shows how stupid we are..SRK is not even a Malaysian!!

looks like now any Tom,Dick & Harry in the world can be a Datuk..

u know la how sum natekare's r big bollywood fans..especially 4 SRK..

Giving him datukship could be just an excuse 4 d Melaka Sultan n his wife 2 meet him

jerine said...

i personally think he doesn't deserve that title. if he can be a datuk, i can be a tan sri!!!

Satish said...

hey i got an idea..give vikram datukship la..

in Anniyan got 1 song dey film at twin towers wat..

he promoting our twin towers!..tell sultan giv him datukship la

as if all dis datukship mean anything 4 dem..

SRK aso i bet thinking..wat is datukship?..why they giving me?..i'm not even a Malaysian

Subhas Chandran.P said...

Actully the datuk ship should give to our vijay who was take film in Berjaya Time Square for his new year song so i think selangor goverment in proses to give the kollyhood actor `Datuk Vijay`.

Puravin said...

Hahaa... well said friends...true...i was actually thinking of the same thing...and yeah even about vj n vikram and all....

Good joke...

Melaka boleh :)

happy-in-sweden said...

jackie chan also should get a datukship!! i thought the government was ignorant.. but now it is confirmed the current goverment is I.D.I.O.T.I.C!!

kebodohan at its max!

Puravin said...

Hahaaa...yes of course...y did we leave jackie chan out ? :P